Established in 2006, Virgin Mary Mosque in Hoppers Crossings has been the epicentre for Muslims young and old. Aptly named after a ‘righteous woman in her own right’ Maryam (Mary) is presented as an example to all humankind. A once close-knit community religious centre that focussed on providing local Muslims a place of worship and Islamic teachings, values, and practices, it has since developed into more than just a prayer room. With the exponential growth within Wyndham municipality, which brings along multicultural residents, Virgin Mary Mosque sees the opportunity to fill the gap of being a community centre, education centre and religious centre. We now proudly serve our community to meet their religious, education, social and counselling needs. Working collaboratively with multifaith and regulatory organisations like WIN (Wyndham Interfaith Network) and Wyndham City Council and Victoria Police, Virgin Mary Mosque is on its way to be the centre for the entire community.

Our Mission And Vision

At Virgin Mary Mosque, our main purposes are to provide an inclusive environment for the worship of God, to promote Islamic fellowship, to nurture believers in the Islamic faith, to contribute towards knowledge development, to improve peaceful and productive human relationships, to strengthen the capacity of culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse communities, to promote and celebrate culture and language in a way that is inclusive of the whole community to meet human need through charitable and other services and to do such other things as may be required in obedience to the God. We also aim to provide support to all members of the Muslim community to meet their religious, social, and educational needs and to empower them to strive for excellence.